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Flyer printing is one of the most famous and long lasting marketing tools used to promote your business. Used in many marketing campaigns, flyers act as a medium to introduce new services and products. As compared to TV advertisements and other media, flyers have more influence on clients as they comprises more detailed and thorough information.

Quality of flyers

Flyer printing is considered as the high quality cost effective advertising power to promote any company. Commonly, flyers are available in two types :

All flyers comes in three different quality packages namely are Budget, Standard and Premium Packages.

  1. Budget is economical in pricings and are low in paper quality however
  2. Standard package has moderate quality of paper whcih is best in both pricing and quality. If you require perfect quality of product then your choice would be the premium one.
  3. Premium package provides you the best quality of paper and quality of print on the paper.

To see the price table of all products please check Prices.

Product Styles:

Customer can select four different finishing styles. The product styles describes how product will look like in terms of glow, shine and polishing. The four finishing styles are listed below.

  1. Glossy paper on business cards is a result of a proper glossy finish. Glossy finishes give your card higher durability — gloss is a much more preservative and protective coating as opposed to matte. A glossy finish is also the perfect choice to make your business card pop out and stand out amongst the crowd.
  2. Matte stock is a popular type of paper for business cards because it has a non-shiny finish that is still smooth. This can create an expensive and put-together final appearance for your business card. You can also write on a matte stock business card because the finish can still grab ink.
  3. Uncoated cards have a natural texture with zero gloss coating. For that reason, they are easy to write something on with a pen. Uncoated business cards make up a great choice for those looking to write something on their cards.
  4. Recycled business cards are 100% recycled, biodegradable with algae & vegetable ink options.

Type of Flyers

Top rated flyers are of sizes A4,A5,A6,DL and medium sizes. Bellow are the list of flyers we print in our organization.


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